About The Gomez Agency

Most businesses and nonprofits need a team of experts to lean for strategic, design, marketing, and technical challenges and questions that are separate from what they do as an organization.

Your intiatives are more important than the small things that they are comprised of. But, making sure that your brand, website, technology, and marketing is as effective as possible is a deciding factor on whether or not your efforts will be a success. This is where we come in to walk with you and to help bridge the gaps.

Our Approach to Helping Startups, Small Businesses, and Nonprofits

Since 2001, The Gomez Agency and its services have worked with over 60,000 businesses and nonprofits around the world. Through that vast experience we've created an approach we call B.A.M. This approach consists of (1) helping you build/develop the pieces you need for your mission, (2) continually supporting the advancement and improvement of those critical pieces as we learn with you, and (3) help you to market your products and services through that engine to produce the results you are looking to achieve.

Our Story

Our company was founded by Jose Gomez in 2001 when he left a growing career as a website director for a major broadcaster and nonprofit organization. In helping the organizations he worked with thriving online, he realized that there were no real solutions for new and growing nonprofits. Although it wasn't part of the original plan, he left his comfortable job and launched an agency that quickly grew into an international business, serving thousands of nonprofit organizations around the world. Today, that agency and its foundation provides over 60,000 nonprofits and businesses with websites, website maintenance, landing pages, and online marketing services.

We work hard as a team to continually study the rapidly changing landscape of the nonprofit and small business world. We know how hard it is to grow your organization. We work with small businesses, charities, churches and religious organizations, associations, clubs, civic groups, fraternal societies, child care organizations, and so many others. Our passion is to help you build, advance, and market your message to the world.

In short, our mission is to provide a service that helps small businesses and nonprofit organizations of all types to communicate, collaborate, fundraise, sell, and accomplish their mission online.

Our Management Team

Jose Gomez | CEO
Eric Gomez | General Manager / Consultant
Annie Gonzalez | Creative Director / Consultant
Stacey Kelczewski | Sales Director / Consultant
Alex Streltsov | UI Coder
Miquela Gonzalez | Art Community Director
Windy Veneziale | Administrator

Employment Opportunities

The Gomez Agency is always looking for talent, usually in the Tampa Bay area. for employment inquiries, send your cover letter, resume, and details about what you believe you could bring to our team to


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The Gomez Agency

an award-winning design, marketing, and technology agency in Tampa, FL. Serving businesses and nonprofits worldwide since 2001.