E-mail Marketing Services

Invade the Inboxes of Your Highest Valued Marketing Targets and Run off With a King's Ransom

E-mail marketing is still the fastest, most direct, most effective way to reach your clients and prospects. Although it's simple enough to send one e-mail, sending hundreds, thousands, or even millions of e-mails can be a maze of technology, design, sales copy, and legal considerations. Tampa Creative helps businesses and non-profits through the confusing and delicate world of e-mail marketing, enabling you to reach your clients with the highest delivery rates possible.

E-mail Newsletter / Updates Management

Your clients and constituents want to hear from you. Regular e-mail communication ensures a constant connection to your valued contacts, building trust and value with every touch. We recommend a default frequency of 21 days for regular e-mail updates, adjusting the frequency based on content, offers, and the nature of your business. Tampa creative can help you maximize the potential of your e-mail newsletter by structuring your content, ensuring that your e-mail newsletter design is consistent with your brand, and applying industry-leading techniques to maintain a clean, highly deliverable e-mail list.

Opt-In E-mail Campaigns

Do you have a cold list of e-mail address you inherit or purchased? Contrary to popular belief, there are ways to convert that list into opt-in subscribers that are waiting and ready for your offers and announcements. Tampa Creative's proprietary techniques for converting cold lists allow you to quickly build your e-mail audience while operating within legal boundaries and ISP terms and conditions. Get on the inside of e-mail marketing and reach your potential audience like never before.

CRM & Drip Marketing

Modern sales communication is all about automation. Tampa Creative can help you implement and expand your sales operation through CRM (customer/client/constituent relationship management) systems. If you are already using a CRM for your sales efforts, we can help you optimize your usage of CRM by implementing effective e-mail templates, sales materials, and drip marketing sequences.

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